Shuffleboard Court: Features

Over the past 20 years, shuffleboard players all over the planet have enjoyed the gliding, portable, secure and maintenance-free shuffleboard courts that Planet Shuffleboard offers as an alternative to conventional cement courts. If you are looking to refresh your current installation or are simply looking for a brand new one, our exclusive plastic tile design offers you the best market value and comes with a 20 years warranty.

Your shuffleboard court is manufactured in Canada (not in China), offering you the best price, guaranteed!

Our courts start at $950 CAD. They are available in 2 versions and can also be custom-made to fit your needs.  We will be more than happy to include your company logo directly in the design.


Shuffleboard players are looking for surfaces that provide a smooth and excellent gliding ability. Our plastic tile is specially designed to create very little friction between the disks and the court. This tile was developed for shuffleboard courts only. No more beads, messy wax or applications needed.


Even if the disks slide as if they were on ice, the surface is safe for players to walk on. No risks of injury like on courts using beads or wax. Too often, we see seniors breaking bones on slippery courts.


Your pre-painted shuffleboard court can easily be assemble/disassembled in few minutes into sheet sections of the size you choose (3x6 - 2x3 - 3x3, etc.). This feature allows you to make  use of your court 12 months a year. And if, for any reason, you need to change the location of your court or you move to a new location, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Your shuffleboard court will require very low maintenance. Just keep the court free of debris. You can easily clean your court with a water hose or leaf blower. We do not recommend using a power washer. Protecting your court from the harsh UV rays of the sun will also help to keep it in great shape for many years.


Tired of your nightmare concrete court? Simply put down your new plastic court on top of it and you’re ready to play.


Any level surface area can accommodate your plastic shuffleboard court. Consider your driveway, walk, parking lot or any flat area that already exists on your property and simply lay down the court. We recommend a white film layer (stopper) if the surface area is rough like cement, asphalt or paving stone. This will keep your disks free of scratches and ensure you perfect gliding forever. If you need to build a base for your court, we recommend a wooden deck because it is easy to re-level it if the ground shifts during the winter or if the land becomes hard and compact over the years. The disks will not scratch on the wood surface and will maintain their gliding ability even longer.


As you probably know, plastic is expands and shrinks when exposed to hot/cold temperatures, so it is very important that when choosing your court, make sure that the plastic tiles have an expansion joint that will allow the court to “breath”. If not, your court will make warp and make it impossible to play on.

Planet Shuffleboard’s courts come with an expansion joint every 3 inches.


Your shuffleboard court comes with a 20 year warranty. If your court, or any part of it is defective, it will be replaced, no questions asked. We provide a written warranty with every court purchased.


Our courts are made in Canada so we can provide you with the best prices. If you find a competitor with a better price, let us know. Not only we will meet his price with a better product, but we will sell it you at 5% less than his written quote.


Simply click here to get a complete price list. We will e-mail or send you by regular mail a complete price list and listing or our merchandise currently on sale.


8 different models with standard 6’ x 40’ size (minimum for green playing area). Your space or budget are limited? Here is the perfect solution!  Choose one of the 8 compact models measuring 4’x 27’ (minimum for green playing area)

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