Fiberglass set or sample




                   This exclusive set is perfect for playing on official 6' wide court or

                        with court playing surface reduced to 5'x32', 4'x27 ', 3'x20'.

You will receive 4 fiberglass sticks with LIFETIME WARRANTTY * 6 feet long valued at $30 USD ($120 USD) (each stick comes in 2 pieces that easily fit together for easy transport in your auto), a set of LIFETIME WARRANTY * pucks at $75.99 USD ( set of 8 pucks 6'' or 4'' in diameter ), a basket at $11.99 USD, a laminated dry-erase marker  scoreboard at $22.39 USD, a hook for sticks at $7.99 USD,a pen $1.64 USD.
Total: $240 USD - $ 40 off when purchased as a set = $200 USD
LIFETIME WARRANTY * If you break or damage your sticks or pucks, we'll replace them with no questions asked. The item must be returned.


Shuffleboard Court sample kit, just CAD $8.95

Buy now shuffleboard sample

There is a great deal of information available on this Website.  You know what your needs are.  If you are interested, please request the price list.  There are 3 reasons why we do not give prices to customer who have not yet seen the product. --A picture does not show the court's real advantages. --To appreciate how well the disks slide, you have to try them out. --You will not make such an investment without first seeing the product. THE SMALL AMOUNT YOU PAY IS JUST A DEPOSIT.  IT WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOUR IF YOU RETURN THE SAMPLE KIT. THIS CHARGE IS REQUIRED TO ELIMINATE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING THIS PURCHASE.  However, if you do not need to order the sample kit because you have already played on one of our courts, or for any other reason, click "Price List Request" below to have a price list mailed or e-mailed to you.


  • Two ( 2 ) tiles, one ( 1 ) green, one ( 1 ) red
  • Two ( 2 ) yellow borders ( finishing edges )
  • One ( 1 ) shuffleboard discs


  • Easy assembly
  • Smart tile design
  • Test the unbelievable glide


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