#8 Shuffleboard Courts : 6'x40' - Mini court

Shuffleboard #8 Shuffle Board Court

#8 Shuffleboard 6'x40' - Mini court

Full  6'x40' (green) MINI COURT without shooting section. Equipped with yellow edges on the ends. This is the...

Full 6'x40'(green)MINI COURT without shooting section.  Equipped with yellow edges on the ends.  This is the least expensive of our regulation courts.

Shuffleboard features

  • The difference between this court and court #7 is that the yellow border comes on the ends only instead of all around the court.
  • There is no shooting section. Players do not stand on the plastic.
  • Yellow border allow you to bring your disks back without having to bend down.
  • They also provide a safety feature by outlining the edge of the court and preventing falling or tripping over it.


  • Required a 6'x 40'4" level area.
  • The yellow border measures 2" x 6" x 5/8" and goes from 5/8" thick on one side to 0" on the other side, providing a nice slope at the edge.
  • Court #8 has 240 green tiles for the court itself.
  • Court #8 has no red tile for the shooting sections.
  • Court #8 has 12 linear feet of yellow border.

Reference:    #8
Size, Capacity:    6' x 40'
Weight:    195 lbs.
Manufactured by:   Planet Shuffleboard

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